INTERSECTION | SCHNITTMENGE is a long-term and multi-work project of Isha Naguiat and Mila Bubliy. Together their study sustainability, ageing and identity in different cultural contexts. INTERSECTION is the epitome of a successful global, interdisciplinary and explorative collaboration of two young female artists and has been exhibited, i.a. in the Weltkulturen Museum in Francfort (DE).
The result of this project is divers, ranging from 2D paintings and photo collages to 3D installations and technology supported performances. The project name itself is a pun; the German word “Schnitt” means cut and refers to the different pieces of fabric employed in majority of the works. All photos are embodied in fabric of different size and specifics via heat transfer. While the primary role of textile is to serve as a mirror for zeitgeist and culture, the different haptic allows and invites viewers to experience the work physically. This physical proximity aims to build a figurative bond between viewer and artwork to achieve a deeper confrontation with underlying topics and questions.