About the artist
Who is Mila Bubliy?
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But is it art?

"All art is trying to express something intangible. Combining media is like speaking multiple languages - you can be more nuanced."

Mila Bubliy is a contemporary artist combining visuals and words. Her art deals with transformation and perception - on an individual but also meta-level. Her projects range from studies on identity to the dynamics of nature. She digitally merges b/w photography with her bright-colored and big-formatted abstract paintings achieving a unique experience in print and both off- and online installations.

  • Style

    Mila works in different media and loves combining different structures into her work. The startpoint of most of her works is b/w photography - sometimes contributed by collaborators - that is transformed into a multi-level art work by merging it with her abstract painting and sometimes her haiku poetry.

  • 2D prints/paintings

    Most of Mila's work is digitally rendered and exhibited and collected in form of high-quality prints on sustainable material ranging from hemp paper to second-hand textile.

  • Installations

    Given the nature of movements and digital art, Mila exhibits some of her projects in form of installations. These can be fully digital or offer a tangible experience of material in an offline setting.

  • Exhibitions

    Mila's work has been exhibited at notable international venues including the Weltkulturen Museum Frankfurt (DE), Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts (KYG) and Museum of Waste in Changsa (CHN).

  • Publications

    Mila has published already three works of contemporary literature. Her play "8" and the ballad "Zaungast" have been published as chapbooks in Germany and are currently being translated to English. Her latest work is the "Haikutagebuch" (published in 2020), an innovative alternative to a regular diary that combines creative writing and meditation.